New Owner at Dc Cafe Ulverstone!!!

New Owner at Dc Cafe Ulverstone!!!

After many many years as Ulverstone’s 'go to’ cafe, and many previous owners, artist Steven Dix now takes the helm at our favourite Coffee spot.

"Customers in the area are familiar with our Barista’s Katherine and Andrew, it is great to have them on board to continue the tradition of great tasting coffee in our town.” Steven Says.

New owner Steven Dix on the right. You might want to know a little bit about the new Deli Central owner. Steven is originally from the garden city of Toowoomba, one of the coldest places in Queensland. But after 49 years living in the super hot state, he and his family are now living happily in Penguin. Steven is also an artist, musician and marketing consultant. With his long history in the entertainment industry his vision for Deli Central includes continued focus on the flavours of Tasmania, showing art from local artists and delighting patrons with some new menu ideas and special events. We are currently planning a fashion parade for Mothers Day as a special ticketed event. "It is going to take time to renovate the Cafe, so we hope people have the patience for change” says Steven.

Open as always with the same menu, Tuesday to Sunday we have Kat and Andrew making your coffee just how you like it, but make sure you go to the Barista and let them know how you like your personal coffee made. Nikki is also still your favourite Chef along side Gail creating her fab desserts. Deli Central has a reputation for making Gluten Free options, and we plan on continuing that tradition.

Steven says “Life is about people, I see our Deli Cafe as your extended home, and we want you to feel loved and appreciated in our care”


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